Xillme is a assassin who was raised on the cold streets of . He was


Xillme does not remember whare he was born. His first memories where wacking up on a lorg transpot ship tuck bettin the bags of weat. As Xillme remembers it he felt skerd apone wacking the sounds of a besy port new and laud. He fleed the ship whith the scering rat. It didn’t halp eny that upon being seen Xillme was chast by big looking men. Shouting at him and throwing thing too. At list the rats got to live in peace. He had to run for his life. After being hit with a hevy botel of somthig Xillme got away. He found a dark alley to cerlup in and ners his wond. Xillme fand his powers to change shape as unusual as everone arond him. Wich thay wer nun to cined to. He found out tacking the form of a human child was the best way to ovead unwanted attention and beg for scraps and coin. Xillme spent the first fuwe years in the lorg city by pan handeling. Liveing day to day on whout pepall wood give him and trying to ovied being spoted for what he reiliy was. No one wonted to be frends weth the vagrant dopelganger. Xillme wood fined pepoil who sherd the same intrest and goles. But as it allwes whent apon fegering out whout he was thay wood allwes chase him off.

It toock him three yaers of beging for scraps be for Xillme tride his hand at stilling. He knew stilling was rong but the streets wer giting weors for the dopelganger. The homeles know of the strang shape chaneging cricher that beged along side of them. Tacking a pice of the allrady smoll pie. Not to mention he was beter at it then all of theme conbined. Xillme semed to know haw to pull on the horet stings of the pepall. He stiel got the acetionall smake for miss rieding some one. But all in all jenerally toke the right form with the right persinalaty to git somthing good tost his whay. Hawever the other homeles diden’t lick that at all. So it came to be any new fase on the street that hade exstremly good luck wood be aquosd of being this straneg monster hier to tack what was thairs. Hell Xillme even toke port in some of the retakeling some times just to keep the eyes off him.

Hawever after his first time stilling he fawnd he had a nack for it and his full stumick quickly removed all his gailt of the crime. He dide’nt still from unyone who koodint live with awtet. Men and wemon in fine close who woodint plase a singel brons pice in a begers cup. This pepoll be came Xillmes torgits. Xillme him salf wood not give this mony to the vagrant that ones cundemd him for just trying to exsiest but he didn’t ever torgit thoss who did. It diden’t tack long for a thefs gild to notes him and his skill’s. So upon being aprocht he jund up. Thay took most of whate he stull but gave him somthing back. Brotherhuod, Xillme knew it wasen’t rill this fack comrotoery was beter sweet. Xillme allwas plade on the side line. First pick pokiting and then look out. He never rose to high in the gild for the simpel reson the lower level goonds never got nockt off when there was a pawer stragel in the gild. Not to munchon he was one of fuw nonhumans in the gild never give someone a rieson to kill the freek with the usfull power. Whene a piletikal uprighsing hit the gild Xillme wood go in to hideing. Stilling asmuch as he kood. Ones the new or old leders wer in pawer Xillme wood retern with a lorg sum mony for the gild. At this pount Xillme was stell uposed to vighlints in exseptions to the most dier sercome stanses. But the years he Xillme spent with the gild wern’t all bad. He kood revill his troow form withat to much to fear. He also hade akses to books that let him find out what he was. Ther werallso pepall how siemd not to cair that he was defrint. Pepall how oneistly belived in oner among thefs. This pepall wood come and go. Some wood git cout, others die off and still some fuow wood just quiet. Xillme knew this was the fate of all in the gild but he did not kair what happind to most of them. Just the ones who lookt bast what he was and tout him somthing. This ore the things Xillme loocks for in frends. Enyone can simply just not kair wither some ones defrint or not. Hell thers so meny good resons to hat someone. Just becas thay look defrint or have a straneg power is a lasy way to hat. No a person most lick, admigher or at leset find Xillmes acktions or lack of understandaboll wither he was a shapeshifter or not. The seckint riekiermint is thay must tech him some thing. This is very veg. Both the homeles and thefes toet skill to live. Like haw to cerl up in the gorbeg monds at night in the winter time so you wooden’t frees. Allso haw to pick a luck. These skills werasenchil over the years for Xillmes servival but thay ore not the knoleg he vawyoud. Xillme faund haw to apligh your skills muchmore fasenatihg. A man who dedn’t know haw to properly use his skills shodn’t have them in the first blase. For this recin Xillme licks out of the box thinkers. Hawever thair is stell plenty of other usefull infermation Xillme respicks. For instens a deep understanding of your plane of exsitons. A man how know his perpes in the world allwas seemd to hafe at lest a good undrestanding on haw thing werkt for and arand him.

Game Play

One Day Xillme resived a mosterius leter. Tilling him that the wrighter hasben woching him and wonted to higher him for a job. Xillme skaft at the leter at first becos the lowkation was so for awy form Amen and the wrighter left his name out just giveing his or hers uneshalls. This has to be a fack Xillme thot to him salf. Hawever shortly after resiving the leter Xillme ran into Shendare. A pierit he know from the time spent at the thifs gild. He to had resived the same leter and hade two huminode femile with him that had osow resived the leter. Xillme desided to go with the edvencherers on a simpel whem. His gild wood be desbanded in the city for at list a month or two and on top of it all Xellme wasint giting bade. Xellme is not gredy or enything lick that just Xellmes has spent his houl life trying to gitinhg mony. First beging for it, then stilling for it and entell just resently killing for it. Xillme has troly had no other perpes but to git mony. So wy not try edvenchering and at lest he might have a littel fun tacking a vaketion from the city. So after tieing up somlows ends Xellme whent with the edvencherers. Xillme thot that the man that somend all of them must hafe neded his eyes chekt. Ferst Shendare a pieret. A green felow Shendare was skilld in hand to hand fighting and was remorkebly agyle on a ship. But then agen Xillme never rilly ever sow him do much of enything off of one. This might be intresting Xillme thot to him self. Secint a dworf a lady dworf. Xillme wasint quite shore of this one. She loockt pill lick dead pill. Xillme first thot it was from the long sce trep but after a fuw days of traveling with her he fund she never rilly storted to loock eny healthyer. All well as long as he dedint git sick or enything who caers if she loockt dead. Therd is this streng tand humen loocking girl. Whet she was ded not mader to him. That sied he instently bickt up on two inportint thing about her. She was a clerec and she wershupt —. Xill me who wershupt Shor know this might coss some problems so he hide this fackt frum her. Xillme never troly felt eny everlasting loyoltes to Shor or enything he just got werd fillings locking at the simbless of his deades sister and wonted to oved eny conflickt. At list for now. And then finaly him salf. Wy wood eny one whont to higher a newly unawnst assassin for a job. This giy most be cheep Xillme thot. Unforchinitly this thot dedint pop up in Xillmes hed till the jerny was alredy half way over. To late to tern back he wood need more muny jast to mack the trep back. So Xillme prest on to his destenation. The jerny was remorkebly esy. No bandet, no monsters and infakt nothing exsiting what so ever.

Hats the smill of weat Has a score on the top of his head Xillme dos not do fafers unles owd wich he allways pays back even if not in the way exspekted


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